Monday - Week One Monday - Week Two   Monday - Week Three
Homemade margherita pizza  (V) Sweetcorn and pepper pizza  (V)   Cheese Whirl served with a jacket potato (V)
Vegetable ravioli  (V) Quorn sausages with gravy (v)   Tuna pasta bake
served with crusty bread Filled jacket potato   Filled jacket potato
 Sweetcorn & small jacket potato

Oven baked jacket wedges

Baked beans and salad

  Baked beans and salad
Fresh fruit platter Fresh fruit platter   Fresh fruit platter
Tuesday - Week One Tuesday - Week Two   Tuesday - Week Three
Quorn sausages with gravy (v) Meatballs in a rich tomato sauces and pasta  

Sticky beef stir fry/Sticky beef stir fry (H)

Served with savoury rice

Vegetable sausages with gravy (V) Meat pie or meat pie (H)   

Vegetarian sausage roll (v)

Served with spaghetti hoops

MSC Golden Fish Fingers Quorn fillet in gravy (V)   Quorn pasta (V)

Potato mash and seasonable 

vegetables and salad

Potato mash

Seasonal vegetables and salad


Egg salad with a wholemeal thin (V)

Seasonal vegetables and Salad

Qat cookie and orange wedges Ice cream tub   Frozen yoghurt
Wednesday - Week One Wednesday - Week Two   Wednesday - Week Three
One pot chickpea and tomato pasta (V) Mild Chicken Curry/Mild Chicken Curry (H)  

Large slice margherita pizza (v)

Filled jacket potato

Roast chicken in gravy/Roast chicken (H) Served with rice and naan bread   Meatballs in gravy (H)
Quorn fillet in gravy (V) Tomato pasta (v)   Potato mash

Roast potatoes

Seasonal vegetables and salad

Seasonal vegetables and salad  

Creamy coleslaw

Seasonal vegetables and salad

Strawberry Cheesecake Blueberry muffin   Shortbread
Thursday - Week One Thursday - Week Two   Thursday - Week Three
Pasta bolognaise/Pasta bolognaise (H)

Beef tagine or beef tagine (H)

Served with cous cous

  Selection of sandwiches

Open cheese and potato pie (V)

Filled jacket potato

Filled Jacket potato  

Beef burger with gravy

Lamb burger with gravy (H)

Quorn patty with gravy (V)

Seasonal vegetables and salad

Salad potatoes

Seasonal vegetables and salad

  Oven baked jacket wedges
Seasonal vegetables and salad
Ice cream roll Decorated jelly   Chocolate cookie
Friday - Week One Friday - Week Two   Friday - Week Three
Selection of sandwiches Chicken and chive aioli wrap (v)   Mac and cheese (V)
Baked fishless fingers (V) Open salmon mayonnaise roll   Filled jacket potato
Vegetable samosa (V) MSC Harry Ramsdens battered fish   MSC Golden fish fingers

Chipped potatoes or rice

Baked beans and salad

Chipped potatoes

Seasonal vegetables and salad


Potato waffles

Seasonal vegetables and salad

Chocolate mousse Ginger biscuit and orange wedges   Honey, oats and fruit topped yoghurt
Week One Week Two Week Three
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