Allocation of places will be in accordance with the criteria laid down by the Local Authority, as follows:

Priority 1

Children in public care (Looked After Children).

Priority 2

Other children who are considered as ‘vulnerable’ whose application for the preferred school is supported by the Assistant Director for Social Care. This will include:

  1. Children for whom there is a child protection plan or has been within a 12 month period
  2. Children who have had a period in care within 2 years of the admission application and are still receiving social care services
  3. Children who are considered to be a significant risk of becoming looked after
  4. Children who are living in temporary accommodation due to fleeing violence and the area for rehousing has been identified

Priority 3

Children who will have older siblings in years Reception to Year 6 of the preferred school at the date of admission. Older children from the same family unit attending a particular school, can be considered to ‘qualify’ a younger child under sibling link criteria, provided proof is available to demonstrate that the children are permanently resident at the same address and part of the same family unit.

Priority 4

Children who have strong church connection where the school is a Church School.

Priority 5

Children who suffer from a specific medical condition or disability, which makes it better for them to attend that school rather than another.

Priority 6

Children for whom the journey to the nearest alternative school would be unreasonable or difficult. Those children with the easier or shorter journey to an alternative school have a lower priority for the preferred school. Measurements will commence with those living closest to the preferred school and then move outwards in a ripple effect using the shortest available walking route.


Please click on the link below to make an online application for a school place through Bolton council admissions website.

Bolton Council Admissions

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