Welcome to Year 3J's Class Page 


Teachers in our class are Mrs Johnson, Miss Rostron, Mrs Hughes and Mrs Berry.

PE days are Wednesdays and Fridays.  Please bring your PE kit in on these days only.

Please bring your reading book to school every day so we can read with you.


Here is our Summer curriculum letter so you can see what we were learning about this term: 

Year 3 Curriculum Letter Summer term


Here are our Summer 2 spellings so you can practise them at home: 

Year 3 Spelling Summer 2 2022


4th July- Y3/4 Sports day pm.

8th July- Reports out.

11th July- Stone Age Day- visitor in school. Come in your Stone Age outfit.

12th July- Art Day with artist James Naughton.

19th July- Moving up morning- meeting your new year 4 teacher.

19th July- End of term treat for the person with the most dojos.

21st July- 100% attendance treat.

22nd July- End of term.


Summer 2:

This half term our topic is called “Ug!”. 

“Ug!” is a thematic unit, based on the sequence of Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, with a key focus on history.

Pupils will be looking at what life was like then and comparing similarities and diff­erences over the three consecutive periods.


Amazing Events we have done in Summer 2:


On Thursday 30th June we took 8 girls to play tag rugby. 

They had a fabulous time:


On Thursday 24th June we took 8 children to a Colour Fun

Run at Rivington and Blackrod High school. We got very messy and had great fun:


On Tuesday 21st June we went to the Bridgewater Hall

to listen to, sing and play with the Halle orchestra.

We had a fabulous time. Here are some photos:


Here are the songs we sang:


On Friday 17th June it was Year 6 Fun Day.

We had fun with our friends and family at the event:


On Friday 10th June we went to our whole school art exhibition

to look at everyone's amazing art work at the end of art week:


On Tuesday 7th June we had an art day. 

We explored different ways to make marks using pencils, watercolours,

chalk, pastels, felt tips, wax crayons, blowing paint through straws and printing.

We made marks on different paper, paper plates, the floor, the table and the walls.

We looked at real art work in an art gallery

and talked about each piece with a friend.

We reimagined a piece of art using our own choice of media

using our imagination and the skills we had practiced throughout the day.

We had a fabulous day:


Our learning:


Our theme unit in Summer 1 is called Ug. 

In this unit we have looked at the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.

We have looked at animals in science.

Look at some of the things we have done:


In art we made cave paintings using pastels: 


In drama we acted out how caveman would behave

when experiencing stones, sticks, animal skins, bones and fire.

We were only allowed to communicate with grunts and gestures:


In English we are reading the book Stone Age Boy. 

With a partner we pretended to be Om and the modern boy

meeting for the first time. We asked our partner questions about their

lives, thoughts and feelings throughout the story and they answered them:


In English we are writing explanation texts so we looked

at the life cycle of a plant and acted it out in groups in preparation for writing our own explanation text:


In Science we worked in groups to sort animals into different groups using our own criteria:


In music we did our last practice before we play with the Halle orchestra:


In drumming we are now back to doing rhymes and rhythms

on our samba instruments:


it is our turn with Commando Joe:

Look at some of the things we have done:


We had to work as a team to get a disc

from one side if the field to the other without getting hit by the ball:


We had to build a shelter with our team:


We had to work as a team to move balls from one side of the river to another:


We had to work as a team to remember a route across the

minefield without getting blown up:


Summer 1:

This half term our topic was called “Under the Canopy”. 

Under the Canopy is a thematic unit, based on the rainforest with a key focus on geography and history. 

Pupils are commissioned to work for a fictitious organisation called ‘Roots’ in helping two adopted

children find out about their Mexican / Mayan heritage.

Through this project, they will learn about the importance of the rainforest.


Amazing Events we have done in Summer 1:


Alif, Adam, Atina and Sally read the most at home

during Summer 1 and won a prize:


On Friday 27th March some of our class represented

our school at a football tournament and did a great job:


On Tuesday 24th May we had a family and friends picnic on the field to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

So many of our family came and shared a picnic and had lots of fun. 

We sang songs including the National Anthem.

We danced to party songs and had a really good chat with each other: 


On Thursday 19th May we went to Chester Zoo. 

We actually got to see lots of animals from the rainforest in real life

like tapirs, sloths, tarantulas, spider monkeys, jaguars and lots more.

We also saw other animals that are found in different areas too

like elephants, giraffes, penguins and flamingos.

We had a wonderful time:


On Wednesday 18th May it was National Numeracy Day. 

We took part in a World Record attempt for the most people

watching a TTRS livestream and we were successful!:


On Friday 13th May we went to Bolton library and

read some of the books we could borrow:


On Friday 13th May we celebrated Christian Aid day

We looked at how farmers need to be treated fairly.

We measured the length of chocolate bars.

We designed our own cupcakes.

We did some mindfulness colouring:


On Wednesday 4th May we had an Eid party.

We played musical bumps and statues,

We learned some Bollywood dance moves and

danced to Go Noodle dances and Just Dance.

We shared party food and had a great time: 


On Monday 2nd May 2022 Sayem, Shifa, Zahra, Harun and Jannati

appeared on Newsround talking about their experiences of Eid:



On Friday 29th April we made Eid cards for our

friends and family and sent them home:


On Friday 23rd April we listened to the Bible story of the widow who served and made a display about it:


On Friday 23rd April we listened to the story of St George

then we coloured in some pictures of dragons:


On Wednesday 20th April we went litter picking in our local area to tidy up our community:


Each week we play in the sand pit and have great fun:


We made dens with Commando Joe:


Our learning:


Our theme unit in Summer 1 is called Under the Canopy. 

In this unit we have looked at the Mayans and rainforests.

We have looked at plants in science.

. Look at some of the things we have done:


Thank you to the children that did the creative

challenge at home for the theme unit Under the canopy. 

Here are some of our creations:


In science we dissected a tulip and looked at the different parts. 

We learned their names and their functions:


In Geography we are learning about the rainforest. 

We learned about the four layers of the rainforest;

 which animals live there, what the climate is like and what the plants are like.

We then acted out each layer to help us remember it:


In art we looked at photos of different animals and plants from the rainforest. 

We then did an observational drawing of 2 macaws using pastels:


In History, Geography and Art we found out about different tribes that live in the rainforest

and talked about the face paintings and tattoos they have

and the significance of the different colours and patterns. Then we designed our own:


In History we looked at the Mayan maths system: 


In Science we looked at how plants have adapted to live in different environments.

We sorted leaves into rainforest leaves and not rainforest leaves:


In Computing we looked at how to do effective searching

using key words on a search engine:


In RE we have been learning about how Jesus changed lives.

We found out about Zaccheaus:


On 21st June we will be going to the Bridgewater Hall to listen to and play with the

Halle orchestra so in drumming this half term we are learning the songs and music for the concert:


In Design Technology we made a crocodile grabber to sell in a toy shop

using a scissor mechanism and pivots:


In PE we are developing our skipping skills:


In PE we did some relaxing Cosmic Yoga:


In PE we are busy practising for Sports Day: 


In PE we danced to Just Dance songs and got very hot and sweaty:

Spring 2:

This half term our topic was called “Lightning Speed”. 

It is a thematic unit based around the history and development of the internet and World
Wide Web, with a focus on computing.

It primarily looks at how computers communicate, the importance
of networks, how email works and how the internet enables collaboration.


Amazing Events we have done in Spring 2:


It is our turn in Forest School on a Friday! Please remember your Forest School clothes.

Look at what we have done so far: 



Alif, Harun and Ilhan read the most at home during Spring 2 so they won a book prize: 


On Friday 1st April we had an Easter egg raffle and Easter hat competition.

Shifa's hat won a prize:


On Thursday 31st March we discussed the joy and sadness felt at Easter.

Then we made Easter cards with the cross on: 


On Wednesday 30th March we shared the Easter story and hymns with the whole school:


On Friday 25th March we made Mother's day cards for our wonderful mums:


On Wednesday 23rd March we went on the climbing wall. 

We were so brave and had a fabulous time:


On Friday 18th March it was science day. We had great fun being scientists:

We investigated which was the best biscuit for dunking:

We made our shaving foam clouds rain just like real clouds:

We made the sugar on our skittles dissolve with warm water and made a lovely, colourful pattern:


On Friday 18th March it was Comic Relief Day. 

We dressed in mismatching clothes, odd shoes, odd socks, wacky hair and wore red noses:


On Wednesday 16th March it was British Values Day.

We discussed the British Values. 

We then discussed what a hero was.

We then discussed the heroic NHS and made posters about them:


On Thursday 10th March it was History Day.

We learned about a local legendary steeplejack Fred Dibnah and drew pictures of him:


On Thursday 3rd March it was World Book Day. 

We read the book The Barnabus Project and discussed it.  We designed our own hybrid animals.

We wore animal costumes. We went to the library and enjoyed reading books.

We made our own potato book characters at home and Skye won:




On Tuesday 2nd March it was Shrove Tuesday. 

We learned about Lent and discussed what we might give up for Lent.

We then designed our own pancakes:


On Thursday 25th March we celebrated Fairtrade Day.

We watched a video about sustainable farming and protecting the rainforest.

We found out about ensuring that the farmers are paid a fair price for their produce.

We designed our own chocolate bars with the Fairtrade symbol on them: 


Our learning:


Our theme unit in Spring 2 is called Lightning Speed. 

In this unit we have looked at how communication has changed over time.

We have looked at networks in computing and electricity in science.

. Look at some of the things we have done:


In Computing we went on a network hunt around school. 

We found out about the connected computer network and we found the server for the school's LAN:


In Computing we made a human network and discussed how networks work:


In History we looked at how communication has changed over time with the development of technology:


In Science we are learning about electricity.  We made circuits and discussed if the bulb would light up or not and why?: 


In Science we made our own switches to turn our bulbs on and off:


In science we investigated which materials are conductors and insulators of electricity:


In PSHE we discussed e-safety and how to stay safe online. 

We then discussed secrets in real life and online and discussed when and if we should share secrets:


In English we are reading the mystery story The Creakers by Tom Fletcher.

We looked at common features of mystery stories:


In computing we are using 2Logo and wrote some code to make shapes and letters:




In RE we have been looking at the sadness and joy of the Easter story. 

We acted out Jesus entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

We waved our palm leaves, said Hoseanna and sang We have a King who rides a donkey:


In PE we are developing our stamina and fitness levels using different equipment:




In PE we are working on net and wall games so we practised using bats and balls:



In music we are learning new rhythms and breaks on our samba drums:


In Maths we have been working with money.

Adding money, subtracting money and solving money problems:


In maths we are looking at length: 


In maths we have been looking at 3D shapes:

Spring 1:

This half term our topic was called “May the Force Be With You ”. 

It is a thematic unit based around magnets and forces, with a key focus
on science.

It begins with learning about contact and non-contact forces before focusing on magnets.
Pupils will learn about magnetic forces, the relevance of magnetic North and South poles and the concept
of magnetic attraction and repulsion.


Amazing Events we have done in Spring 1:


Alif, Simao and Sally read the most at home during Spring 1 and received a book as a prize. Well done!:


It was our turn in Forest School on a Friday! 

Look at what we did: 


On Tuesday 8th February it was Internet Safety day.  We discussed how to show respect and keep safe online.

We even offered advice to Bob the alien so he knows how to behave online and what to do if he is not happy online:


On Friday 4th February it was NSPCC Number Day.

We dressed with a digit on our outfit and had lots of fun doing maths games and quizzes:


On Tuesday 1st February we made and flew kites.  We had a fantastic time:


Each week we go and read quietly in our beautiful new library:


On Wednesday 26th January it was values day. In year 3 our value was forgiveness.

 We discussed how it is important to forgive others like Jesus taught us in the Bible. 

We then drew a picture on a heart. We cut it up and glued it back together

to demonstrate that forgiveness can heal a broken heart:


Our learning:


Our theme unit in Spring 1 was called May the Forces be with you

In this unit we have explored forces and magnets. Look at some of the things we have done:


Here is some of the amazing creative homework we did at home.

We made marble runs, blew paint, made paper planes, researched poles and had good fun at home:


In Science we investigated pushing and pulling forces and the forces of gravity and magnetism.

We explored if the forces were contact or non-contact forces:


In science we explored magnets.  We looked at which items were magnetic or not.

We found out about magnetic poles. Then we made our own magnetic games and had great fun playing with them:


In science we investigated friction.  We tested moving cars down different surfaces to see which had the most friction. 

We discovered that smooth surfaces had less friction so the car could go down the ramp easily:


In science we explored magnet strength. 

We tested how many paperclips different magnets could hold:


In science we made our own magnetic mazes and

moved a character around a maze with a magnet and a paperclip. It was great fun!:


In Science we made and flew paper aeroplanes to explore the effects of forces on the aeroplane:


In drama we mimed every day activities and our friends had to guess what we were doing. 

We then did a moon walk moving around with low gravity.

Then we mimed pushing and pulling activities,

the force of magnetism and sticking together and gravity in action

as water going down the plughole:


In drama we played a game where we had to discover who was the magnet that metal objects were attracted to. 

Then we tried to do balances and counterbalances with forces on our own and with a partner:


in art we looked at 3D metal sculptures and then we made our own metal sculptures out of tin foil and pipe cleaners.

It was not easy.


In PSHCE we learned about Dave the paramedic and his job role.

We then acted out a scene where Steve the skateboarder needed help from Dave the paramedic.

We also sent Dave an e-mail asking him questions about his job and he replied!

In PSHCE we learned how to make 999 calls and practised making them. 

We also discussed different scenarios when we should or should not ring 999:


In PSHCE we looked at basic first aid. 

We looked at different scenes and discussed what the emergency could be and

what we could do so we could help the casualty and keep ourselves safe too:


In English we read Iron Man.  We wrote a prediction, a diary entry about chapter 2,

a persuasive speech and instructions on how to trap an iron man and we did some lovely art work:


In English we made our own news report about Space Bat coming to Earth and performed them to the class.

We had a presenter, a reporter and a witness. They were amazing:


In English we made our own newspaper report about the plan for Iron Man and Space Bat to have a battle:


In PE we got red and sweaty when moving around and using different equipment:


In PE we continued to challenge ourselves using different equipment: 


In PE we learned a dance based on Extreme Earth:


In Music we learned how to use the bamboo tamboos.

We played lots of games and learned lots of rhymes:


In computing we learned how to use 2logo to write and follow instructions: 


In computing we used 2Logo to make different letters:


In computing we used the repeat function on 2Logo to make flower patterns: 


In RE we learned about different prophets. 

We heard the story of God speaking to Moses and made our own collage 

of a burning bush with a partner:


In maths we have been learning how to multiply and divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.

We used apparatus to help us:

Here is our Spring curriculum letter so you can see what we were learning about this term: 

Year 3 Curriculum letter Spring term 2022

Autumn 2:

In Autumn 2 our theme was called “A World of Difference”.

It is a thematic unit based around world religions.

It looks at the following faiths:-
Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism, examining aspects such as places of worship,
holy books, core beliefs and important festivals.


Amazing Events we have done in Autumn 2:


Ilhan, Sally, Rayyan and Simao won a book each for reading the most at home during Autumn 2:


On Tuesday 20th December we walked to St Thomas' Church

and took part in a carol service.  We had a great time:


On Wednesday 15th December we went to Bolton Albert Halls to

watch the pantomime Beauty and the Beast.  We had a fabulous time:


In the last week of term we watched some special assemblies with 2 pirates who were going in a Christmas Quest. 

We wondered what treasure they would find:


On Tuesday 14th December a cricket coach came to teach us cricket skills:


On Monday 13th December it was our Christmas party day. We had a wonderful day.


We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film:


We played pass the parcel:


We played musical chairs:


We played musical bumps, musical statues and had a dancing competition: 


On Tuesday 7th December some reindeers visited our school and

we got the opportunity to look at them, stroke them and ask questions:


On Friday 3rd December it was author afternoon.

In years 3 and 4 we mixed into 4 groups and visited each teacher to learn about a different author. 

With Mrs Johnson we shared the story The Mega Magic Hair Swap by Rochelle Humes. 

We learned that everyone is different and everyone is special. 

We paid compliments to our partners and received lots of compliments.

Then we looked at ourselves in a mirror and told ourselves nice things:


On Tuesday 30th November we wore Christmas jumpers and elf hats and shared Christmas dinner together.


On Tuesday 30th November we took part in an Elf Fun Run to raise money for Bolton Hospice:


On Friday 26th November we attended an author workshop with Maddie Moate about her book Stuff: 


On Friday 26th November we went out in our local area and picked up litter to tidy our community: 


On Wednesday 24th November it was No Pens Day.

We did lots of learning without writing anything down. 

We did PE, Drama, Maths and Geography:


On Wednesday 24th November we visited the church and took part in an Advent service:


On Friday 19th November we dressed up in fancy dress clothes for Children in Need

and took part in Joe Wicks' quiz and workout: 


On Thursday 11th November for Remembrance Day

we took part in the minute silence and we made poppy fields out of pastels:


On Wednesday 10th November we looked at Holland on World Culture Day.

We ate Edam and Gouda cheese, We made windmills. 

We sang the song The Old Windmills of Amsterdam.

We made tulip pictures in the style of Van Gogh's Sunflowers pictures. 

We designed clogs.  We coloured traditional Dutch costumes.  We wore red, white and blue clothes:


On Friday 5th November for Bonfire night we learned about Guy Fawkes and firework safety. 

Then we wrote poems about bonfire night using onomatopoeia: 


Our learning:


Our theme unit in Autumn 2 was called A World of Difference

We looked at and compared different religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam.

We looked at the origins, core beliefs, holy book, place of worship and festivals for each religion.


Here is the curriculum letter for the Autumn term so you can see what we were learning:

year 3 curriculum letter


We acted out The Good Samaritan story from the Bible: 


We acted out The Christmas Story from the Bible: 


We acted out the Hindu story of Rama and Sita:


We have learned that elephants are sacred to Hindus and we did some lovely elephant art: 


We took part in a Buddhist Meditation session.  We felt happy, calm and relaxed afterwards:


We learned about Buddhist festivals and moved around like lotus flower banana boats on a river: 


We learned about Jewish festivals and

took part in a Jewish circle dance: The Horah: 


We sang the Hebrew song Ner li (I have a candle)

which Jews sing at Hannukah time:


In English we have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and looking at playscripts. 

Here is our acting:


In English we wrote our own playscripts for display:


In computing we are practising our word processing skills:


In computing we learned how to insert an image into a word document:


In science we researched sun safety. 

We made posters to tell people how to keep their skin and eyes safe from the dangerous sun.


In science we have been investigating shadows:


In science we investigated what happened to a shadow

when the object moved further away from the light source:


In RE we learned about the Jewish festival Sukkot and made our own sukkah shelters: 


In music we continued learning how to play the samba drums

and learned some music notation too:


In music we played Christmas games and clapped along to Christmas songs: 


We decorated the classroom ready for Christmas: 


in French we learned about how they celebrate Christmas

in France and sang a French song about Christmas:


Commando Joe:


With Commando Joe each week we developed our resilience and teamwork skills:


We created our own challenges using different equipment:


Rescuing equipment from mountains: 


Crossing the river: 


Moving equipment from the mountain to the camp:


Building shelters:




Getting our team across the muddy field with just spots:

Autumn 1:

In Autumn 1 our theme was called “Law and Order”. 

It is a thematic unit, based on the concept of justice, with a key focus on citizenship.
Pupils will look at the importance of leadership and the meaning of democracy and its origins, before
moving on to how this applies practically in communities, both school-wide, locally and nationally.

It finishes by recognising issues of justice, rights and responsibilities in their own setting and the wider world.


Amazing Events we have done in Autumn 1:


Rayyan won our book token prize for reading the most at home this half term: 


On Wednesday 13th October we went to church to celebrate Harvest:


On Tuesday 12th October we had a fantastic time team building at the Anderton Centre!!!


We had to work as a team to stack crates as high as we could:


We had great fun paddling and playing games in the reservoir:


We had great fun jumping in the reservoir:


We had fun travelling along the low ropes: 


We had fun on the climbing walls: 


We played team games: 


On Thursday 7th October it was National Poetry we learned the poem Instead by Brian Moses. 

We added new verses.  We added actions and performed the poem in an assembly:


On Wednesday 22nd September it was National Fitness Day

so we did lots of activities that lasted a minute each: 


On Tuesday 21st September we celebrated St Matthew's Day. 

We listened to his story then we looked at his symbol. 

We made our own symbol to represent us:


On Friday 10th September we met the paralympic gold medalist Matt Rotherham

and looked at his gold medal: 


On Wednesday 8th September we wrote about ourselves on a jigsaw piece.

  We fit them together to show we all belong together:


Our learning:


Our theme unit in Autumn 1 was called Law and Order

We discussed rules and why they are important.  We discussed democracy and lots more. 


We discussed the rights of children and made a class promise

promising to make sure children can learn on our class: 


We had to work with as a team to order 4 items in order of importance

that we would need in a desert.  We had to discuss it carefully:



In art we followed the rule of thirds where we had to put the subject of our picture

on the third lines not on the centre of the picture: 


In drama we acted out scenarios where people broke the school rules.

We discussed breaking rules and practised turn taking skills:


In dance we followed the leader and played lots of games to discuss the role of a leader: 


We found out that democracy started in Ancient Greece and sang a song about it:


We attended an online workshop where we found out about the Houses of Parliament,

House of Commons, House of Lords and the role of an MP:


We wrote a speech to say why we would make a good School Council Representative for our class.

We had a democratic vote and chose Erno as our School Council Representative:


We learned about Rosa Parks and how she fought for what she believed in. We acted out her story: 


We worked with a partner to teach the class an amazing animal fact. 

Some of us found it difficult to be a teacher and some of us enjoyed it:


We looked at the UN rights of children and made posters to emphasise the importance of childrens' rights:


 In English we read and acted out the poem If I were King by A.A. Milne.

We then wrote our own verses and performed those too:




In English we have been learning about instructions. 

We followed some instructions to make some delicious rice krispie cakes: 


In science we have been learning about light.

We drew a sunset to support our understanding that the sun is a natural source of light: 


In science we identified light sources:


In RE we discussed the creation story.  We listened to Louis Armstrong's

What a Wonderful World song and wrote and drew what we thought was wonderful in the world:


In computing we attended an online assembly on internet safety:


In computing we looked up our names to check our online footprint is sensible:


In computing we read the story Chicken Clicking and wrote a letter telling the chicken

the importance of not meeting up with online strangers:


In computing we made posters about cyberbullying:


In PE we practised ball skills:


In PE we did some circuit training to develop our fitness levels:


in PE we did Cosmic Yoga and Just Dance:


In Music we really enjoy drumming every Thursday and

learning how to play in a Samba band:



Commando Joe:

Our Commando Joe lessons were very important!

We learned about resilience, communication, team building and perseverance.


With Commando Joe we had to work as a team to build the highest tower we could:


With Commando Joe we had to improve our fitness skills by completing a circuit:


With Commando Joe we had to work as a team to cross the Amazon river safely:


With Commando Joe we had to memorise a set of equipment and recreate it with our team

in another part of the room to practise our memory skills:


With Commando Joe we played benchball as a team:


Here you will find curriculum letters, spellings and other relevant information for Autumn, Spring and Summer 1 Terms:


Summer 1 2022:

Summer 1 spellings: 

Year 3 Spellings Summer 1

Summer 1 Creative Challenge: 

Year 3 Creative Challenge UTC Summer 1 2022

Spring 2022:

Spring Curriculum letter:

Year 3 Curriculum letter Spring term 2022


Spring term spellings:

year 3 spellings spring 2 2022

Year 3 Spellings Spring term 1 2022


Spring term creative challenges:

year 3 spring 1 creative challenge homework

Year 3 May the Force Be With You Creative Challenge 2021


Autumn 2021

Autumn Curriculum letter:

year 3 curriculum letter


Autumn term spellings:

Year 3 spellings Autumn 2 2022

Year 3 spellings Autumn 1 2022


Autumn term creative challenges:

Year 3 World of Difference Creative Challenge 2021

Year 3 Law and Order Creative Challenge 2021

Y3 Curriculum.


Our creative curriculum is driven by the 4Cs of communication, conflict, conservation and culture which meets the needs of our diverse school community.  It is designed to inspire an enthusiasm for learning, engaging with and learning about challenging 21st century issues, dealing with tomorrow’s issues today.