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Class team - Mrs Shaw

Miss Aspinall and Miss Burton


Upcoming events:

NEW DATE - Friday 29th September - Class walk Rivington - £1, wear appropriate outdoor clothing/shoes (letter sent home) 

Wednesday 11th October - Year 1 Pirate day - £3, come to school dressed as a pirate (letter sent home) 

Friday 24th November - Year 1 Visit to Bolton Library 

This term our PE days will be Wednesday and Friday. Please make sure you bring your PE kit in a bag on these days. 


Our forest school day is Thursday. Half the class will do it for 6 weeks, and then the other half will go out.

Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing and footwear for forest school (leggings, jumper, wellies, coat, hat, gloves)

Please bring your reading books and records everyday so we can listen to you read in school. 

This half term we are reading…



Pirates love underpants by Claire Freedman | The Pirates of Scurvy Sands by Jonny Duddle | You Choose: A new story every time – what will YOU choose? by Pippa Goodhart | The Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright | Numenia and the Hurricane by Fiona Halliday


Have a look at what we will be studying this term.

Year 1S Curriculum letter

Spelling books (small yellow books) need to be brought to school every Friday.

Year 1 spelling overviews

Every week we have class worship. It is a time for us to talk and reflect. This half term we are looking at our school values of love, creativity, friendship and respect.

Autumn 1 – Land Ahoy!

Land Ahoy! is a thematic unit, with a subject focus on science and geography. The science element is based around sound, speed and motion and begins by exploring how things move, linking with a pirate’s journey around the continents and oceans. Threaded through is the theme of behaving responsibly, with consideration for others.


In our theme lessons we have been looking at the continents and labelling them on a world map. We have also been on a treasure hunt to find the pirate treasure, which we shared equally between us. During drama we acted out the song 'When I was one...' and thought of our own actions. We have used a compass to locate North, and learnt about north, east, south and west.


In maths we have been working practically to use the symbols greater than, less than and equal.


We have two PE lessons a week. On a Wednesday we are concentrating on our fitness and on a Friday we are working on our throwing and catching skills.


Our science focus is FORCES. We started by thinking about how things move. We categorised them into wheels, wings and legs. We then looked at push and pull. We explored a range of objects and talked about how they move.

Autumn One Term

We have had lots of fun in Autumn One term. We have been on a treasure hunt for pirate treasure, we have learnt about push and pull forces in science and we have had fun reading in the library.

In PE we have been looking at throwing and catching, as well as taking part in circuit training to improve our fitness.

Rivington Walk

On Monday 10th October we went on a walk to Rivington. We had lots of fun exploring the area. 

Pirate Day

To celebrate the end of our theme Land Ahoy we had a Pirate Day. Captain DanTastic came to visit us, we did lots of dance, drama, art and made our own treasure maps. 


Autumn Two Term

As part of our theme we are looking at the Arctic Circle. We started by finding the Arctic Circle using maps and globes. We discussed the different countries that are within the Arctic Circle and identified them on a map.

On Wednesday 23rd November we had our class assembly all about LOVE. 

In science we are looking at different materials. We all had an ice cube, and had to find materials that would keep it frozen the longest. We found that wrapping the ice inn tinfoil worked best, but wrapping the ice cube in cotton wool made it melt faster. We had the opportunity to explore a whole range of different materials. We discussed what the materials looked like and how they felt. We discussed the range of properties for the different materials. We used a microscope attached to our iPad's to look at the materials in a greater depth. 

Children in Need 2022

What a comfy day we had wearing our pyjamas! 

Fantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders : Pankhurst, Kate, Pankhurst,  Kate: Amazon.co.uk: Books  Non-fiction Author Afternoon  Fantastically Great Women Who Made History - Kate Pankhurst; | Foyles  Bookstore

We looked at the books written by Kate Pankhurst, and discussed fantastically great women. We studied the book covers, drew our own images about what makes us fantastically great and discussed women who have changed our lives.

As part of our theme, 'Never Eat Shredded Wheat', we have been learning about the seven continents and finding them on a map. We have also been learning our compass points; north, east, south and west. We played a game outside so we could practice them. 

RE lessons

This half term we have been looking at the creation story. We had the opportunity to be creative using watercolours, playdoh, chalk or lego. It was so much fun. 

Fun in forest school

We have climbed trees, played in the mud, made story sticks and leaf crowns, explored and toasted marshmallows on a fire. 


Spring One Term


In our theme Record Breaker we found a mysterious bag in our classroom. After looking through it and using the clues, we guessed it belonged to an explorer. Then we decided to become explorers. In pairs, we made lists of things we would like to find both inside and outside of the classroom. Then we had to go and explore and see what we could find. It was lots of fun! Sir Ranulph Fiennes has the title 'The World's Greatest Explorer' as he completed a Transglobal expedition, visiting the North Pole and the South Pole! We have been learning about what made him famous, and completed a class timeline about him. 

Computer Science

In computing we have started to look at computer science, and explore the word ALGORITHM. We have had the opportunity to explore the Beebots (a programmable floor robot) and make them move in different directions. Then we got different challenge cards and mats, and had to make the Beebots move to specific places or in specific ways. 


In science we are continuing to look at materials. We have been conducting a range of investigations and experiments, focusing on working scientifically. We tested a range of objects made from different materials to find out which ones floated and which one sunk. We made our own boats out of paper, and carried out an investigation to answer the question "Will a paper boat float forever?" Our next science investigation was to answer the question "Is all paper good for writing?" We tested different paper by writing on them with different writing implements. We found out that crepe paper was not good for writing on as it kept on ripping. 


As part of our PE lessons, we are looking at dance. We started off by pretending to be fireworks, and we used the ribbons.

Commando Joe in 1S

We have enjoyed our Commando Joe sessions, using teamwork and problem solving to complete a range of tasks. We have used our balancing, hopping and jumping skills.

Spring 2


We have been finishing off our topic on the Arctic Circle by looking at Inuits. We have learnt about their clothing, their houses, and what they eat. We had a go at Inuit drum dancing and Inuit throat singing. We then tried to make our own Inukshuks (a stone landmark) using rocks. In PSHE, we learnt how Inuits greet each other by rubbing noses, and then we made up our own greetings.  


Summer 1


This half term our theme is “Royal Patrons – The story of Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II". We will have a history focus, comparing the lives of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth was a direct descendant of Queen Victoria, her great-great-grandmother, and both are recognised sources of inspiration whose legacies will live on.

We looked at pictures of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. We discussed what was similar, and what was different. Then we drew our own pictures and painted them with water colours. We have also looked at toys past and present. We sorted the toys into two categories, and then had the opportunity to play with some of the toys. 

Jumbles Country Park 

We went for a walk around Jumbles reservoir. The weather stayed dry for us. We enjoyed walking and talking with our friends, and exploring the environment. 


We went on a fantastic school trip to Eureka science museum. We got to explore various hands on science stations, and spent time in the Soundscpae gallery and the About Me gallery. The children enjoyed pretending to be a doctor and dentist. We spent time in the living and working gallery where children got to explore the garage, the shop, the bank, the post office and the dig. They had the opportunity to dress up and role-play. They all had a fabulous time!


In PE we have been working on the skill of jumping. We setup different stations around the hall, each one focusing on improving our jumping skills. 


In RE we are looking the topic 'Why is Baptism special?' We have looked at the different symbols associated with baptism. We made our own baptism candles. We walked up to St. Thomas' Church and met the Rev. Trantor. He talked to us about what happens during a baptism, and then we got to have a pretend baptism with our doll. 


Summer 2

This half term our theme is “Light up the world – Here comes the sun” We will have a science focus, as well as looking at emotions and feelings through our PSHE sessions. We have the opportunity for lots of creative dance, music and art, work. 

In art we learnt about tone, and thought about how we can use different drawing implements. We worked on making light and dark tones. We also had a go at observational drawings, really focusing on the details we could see. In DT we made mechanisms. We made sun safety spinners telling us how to stay safe in the sun. 


In science we have been looking at sources of light. We have spent lots of time discussing what light and dark is, as well as identifying lots of light sources. We talked about solar power, wind power and water power. We then made our own windmills and went outside to test them in the wind. We have also investigated shadows using torches. We made shadow puppets. We drew around ourselves at different points of the day to see how our shadows changed shape. We have had lots of fun! 

Author Afternoon - Graphic Novels

For author afternoon we looked at the book 'Narwhal, unicorn of the sea!' We then designed our own storyboard for Narwhal and Jelly. 



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