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Worship Mission:


Collective Worship is to be of the highest quality. It is well-planned, thoughtfully resourced, carefully differentiated and delivered in a way that addresses a variety of learning styles. Worship leaders establish an atmosphere in which staff and pupils have the opportunity to be thoughtful and reflective or imaginative and joyful.




It openly places God at the centre of daily life in our Church of England School and therefore acknowledges God as the heartbeat.

Worship is a time when the whole school comes together as a family to focus on God and collectively feel, listen to, experience, celebrate and share the heartbeat.

God’s presence pulses throughout every aspect of school life and beyond, into the community.

It provides an opportunity for the school community to develop their own personal relationship with God and discover God within their own heartbeat.

Worship makes an enormous contribution to the ethos of our school, but more importantly, it is the stimulus which flows throughout the whole life of the school.

In the same way that we are encouraged to look after our hearts and keep them healthy, we must strive to ensure that the heartbeat of our school is kept strong and healthy by making our worship meaningful and relevant, for it is that heartbeat that makes St. Matthew’s Church of England Primary School so very special.

We focus on a different Christian Value every half term. Our adopted Values are: Generosity, Perseverance, Respect, Service, Compassion, Forgiveness, Friendship, Courage, Trust, Truthfulness, Justice and Thankfulness.



The accreditation recognises the school's commitment to being a safe and welcoming play for all, especially those seeking sanctuary. This includes people who have had to flee their homeland in fear of their lives, or who have troubles at home or are just looking for a safe place.

Attending Church:


We, as a whole school, attend Church three times a year. We visit St Thomas' Church.


GENUKI: St Thomas the Apostle Church of England, Halliwell, Lancashire

Harvest Advent Lent
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Our Prayer Tree:




In school, we include a range of opportunities for prayer and quiet reflection. Through prayer pupils have the opportunity to develop a sense of trust and recognition.


Teaching about prayer includes:

  • knowing that prayer can take the form of worship, repentance, petition, intercession and thanksgiving.
  • understanding that prayer can take place anywhere and at any time, including grace before lunch and a special prayer at the end of the school day.
  • being aware that different people pray in different ways
  • the learning of different prayers.
  • opportunities for children to write their own prayers.
  • opportunities for extemporaneous prayer by children and staff.
  • the use of a focal point, such as the lighting of a candle, to enhance opportunities for prayer, silence and listening.






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