Dear Parents/carers, 



Welcome back to a new school year at St Matthew’s. It is lovely to see all of the children and yourselves after the summer holidays, the children seem to have grown up so much. They are all looking very smart in their uniforms. Thank you to the parents who have attended our ‘meet the teacher’ meetings, these are very important to help you know what is happening in school and how you can support your child.  


There are quite a lot of trips and sporting events coming up this term, please keep an eye out for letters in your child’s bag and emails and texts we may send.  


There a quite a few changes this year but everyone has settled in very well…. Children and staff.  

Here are our class teachers for 2023 



Mrs Elliot  




Mrs Davidson  

Miss Ainsworth 



Mrs Shaw 

Mr Mistry 



Miss Burkmar 

Miss May 

Mrs Bullen 


Mrs Johnson 

Mrs Bradley 



Miss Foster  

Mrs Cottam  



Mrs Clarkson 

Mr England 



Mrs Hardingham 

Miss Manly 

Mrs Lightfoot  


There are also familiar faces available to you all, Mrs Saunders, Mrs Boyd, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Berry and of course myself. 


Miss Spain and Mrs Hughes remain the same in our office.  


We hope we all have a successful autumn term and enjoy the time ahead. 


Miss Worthington