Everyone at St Matthew’s took part in Values Day on Friday 29th January. Here are a few of the things they got up to.

Year 2 looked at the value of trust. They thought about what trust meant, and wrote their ideas down. The colour blue is often used to represent trust so they all wore something blue for their live meeting in the morning.

Y6 dressed up for the day as either a Super Hero or a Lion to represent Courage. They made a ‘Courage Jar’ and put tips on how to be courageous in it. During their Live Session, they discussed the importance of courage and created a class prayer together to share with their families.

Y4 discussed their value of 'peace' in their English lesson – Making a Stand. They discussed things that were important to them that they would make a stand for or against. They spent time sharing ideas of how they could make the world a better place and focused on World Peace.

Year 3 discussed the value of forgiveness.  They read a story called Eye for an Eye where the two characters did not forgive each other and hurt each other more and more.  They discussed how when they have been  hurt, they need to forgive the other person.  They then wrote about how they should respond in different situations.  E.g. If you tripped over someone's bag on the floor, what would you do?