Well done to all our children, teachers and parents for coping so well with learning from home. We are really proud of you all! An extra very big thank you to all the parents and carers who are supporting their children’s learning so well.

 It is fantastic to see the effort everyone is putting into their learning at home, despite all the challenges it entails: there are so many balls to juggle and keep in the air! Well done to everyone and thank you for all your efforts!

To give you an idea of everyone’s superb engagement with remote education, last week there were 75% of our children on TEAMS: this is brilliant…keep up the good work! The weekly live sessions are being well attended and, for those who prefer, paper packs are being completed and returned to class teachers ready for the next ones.

With Remote Education, we recognise that home circumstances may be very different from family to family: please do not compare yourselves – just do your very best to support your children’s learning in these exceptionally difficult circumstances.

Here are a few tips that may helpful:

 • It is ok to take a break and stop if your child is getting bored or feels upset and frustrated. Come back to the task when they are in a better frame of mind;

• Look for triggers - do certain subjects cause an issue or maybe it is a certain time of the day. Spotting these issues can help you cope and think of a Plan B!

 • Consider getting school work done early in the day. Once it is done, you can all relax;

• Identify a set time of day when you will help the children and other times when they can have a go by themselves, so they can build resilience and independence;

• Remember to give plenty of praise and tell them what they have done well after each task. You are all trying your very best!

Keep up the great work. The message from the government is still ‘Stay Home, Protect lives, Save the NHS’. We can do this together!