Welcome to Year 3P's Class Page. 

Teachers in our class for the Summer term are Mrs Boyd, Mr Manning, Miss Ramshaw and Mrs Barlow.


PE days are Thursdays and Fridays. 

Please bring your PE kit in on these days only.


Please bring your reading book to school every day so we can read with you.


Here is our Summer curriculum letter so you can see what we were learning about this term: 

Year 3 Curriculum Letter Summer term


Here are our Summer 2 spellings so you can practise them at home: 

Year 3 Spelling Summer 2 2022


4th July- Y3/4 Sports day pm.

8th July- Reports out.

11th July- Stone Age Day- visitor in school. Come in your Stone Age outfit.

12th July- Art Day with artist James Naughton.

19th July- End of term treat for the person with the most dojos.

21st July- 100% attendance treat.

22nd July- End of term.

Summer 2:


This half term our topic is called “Ug!”. 

“Ug!” is a thematic unit, based on the sequence of Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, with a key focus on history.

Pupils will be looking at what life was like then and comparing similarities and diff­erences over the three consecutive periods.


Amazing Events we have done in Summer 2:


On Thursday 30th June we took 8 girls to play tag rugby. 

They had a fabulous time:

On Thursday 24th June we took 8 children to a Colour Fun

Run at Rivington and Blackrod High school. We got very messy and had great fun:


On Tuesday 21st June we went to the Bridgewater Hall

to listen to, sing and play with the Halle orchestra.

We had a fabulous time. Here are some photos:


Here are the songs we sang:


On Friday 17th June it was Year 6 Fun Day.

We had fun with our friends and family at the event:


On Friday 10th June we went to our whole school art exhibition

to look at everyone's amazing art work at the end of art week:

On Tuesday 7th June, we spent the whole day exploring different art techniques.

We looked at the work of various artists and talked about how it made us feel. Everyone enjoyed being creative!


Our learning:


Our theme unit in Summer 1 is called Ug. 

In this unit we have looked at the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.

We have looked at animals in science.

Look at some of the things we have done:

Summer 1:

This half term our topic is called “Under the Canopy”. 

Under the Canopy is a thematic unit, based on the rainforest with a key focus on geography and history. 

Pupils are commissioned to work for a fictitious organisation called ‘Roots’ in helping two adopted

children find out about their Mexican / Mayan heritage.

Through this project, they will learn about the importance of the rainforest.


Amazing Events we have done in Summer 1:


On Friday 27th March some of our class represented

our school at a football tournament and did a great job:


On Tuesday 24th May we had a family and friends picnic on the field to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

So many of our family came and shared a picnic and had lots of fun. 

We sang songs including the National Anthem.

We danced to party songs and had a really good chat with each other: 


On Thursday 21st April we went litter picking in our local area to tidy up our community


Our learning:


Our theme unit in Summer 1 is called Under the Canopy. 

In this unit we have looked at the Mayans and rainforests.

We have looked at plants in science.

. Look at some of the things we have done:


On 21st June we will be going to the Bridgewater Hall to listen to and play with the

Halle orchestra so in drumming this half term we are learning the songs and music for the concert:


In Design Technology we made a crocodile grabber to sell in a toy shop using a scissor mechanism and pivots:


We made dens with Commando Joe:

Spring 2:

This half term our topic is called “Lightning Speed”. 

It is a thematic unit based around the history and development of the internet and World
Wide Web, with a focus on computing.

It primarily looks at how computers communicate, the importance
of networks, how email works and how the internet enables collaboration.


World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March 2022


Handling money in our Maths lesson. 

Understanding how our school's network works. 

Learning how to use "2Logo".

This half term we have been playing the bamboo tamboos with Mr Simpson. This is our finished piece, we hope you like it. 

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We love being outside learning in the Forest School, here are some of the activities we get up to. 

Spring 1

This half term our topic was called “May the Force Be With You ”. 

It is a thematic unit based around magnets and forces, with a key focus
on science.

It begins with learning about contact and non-contact forces before focusing on magnets.
Pupils will learn about magnetic forces, the relevance of magnetic North and South poles and the concept
of magnetic attraction and repulsion.

In our theme 'May the Force be with You' we have looked at air resistance. We built kites and flew them outside. 


We were doing investigations in our theme - May the Force be with you - we were investigating pushing, pulling, magnetism and gravity. Are these forces contact or distance? 


In maths we have been learning how to multiply and divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.

We used apparatus to help us:


On Wednesday 26th January it was values day. In year 3 our value was forgiveness.

 We discussed how it is important to forgive others like Jesus taught us in the Bible. 

We then drew a picture on a heart. We cut it up and glued it back together

to demonstrate that forgiveness can heal a broken heart:

Autumn 2:

In Autumn 2 our theme was called “A World of Difference”.

It is a thematic unit based around world religions.

It looks at the following faiths:-
Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism, examining aspects such as places of worship,
holy books, core beliefs and important festivals.

We had a fantastic time at the Anderton Centre:



We really enjoy drumming every Thursday!


Our Commando Joe lessons are very important!

Autumn 1:

In Autumn 1 our theme was called “Law and Order”. 

It is a thematic unit, based on the concept of justice, with a key focus on citizenship.
Pupils will look at the importance of leadership and the meaning of democracy and its origins, before
moving on to how this applies practically in communities, both school-wide, locally and nationally.

It finishes by recognising issues of justice, rights and responsibilities in their own setting and the wider world.

Look at our photos:

Following instructions to make a cake!

Finding out about our local MP.


Following the "Rule of Three" to create some beautiful art work.


Autumn 2:

This unit is called A World of Difference

We looked at and compared different religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam. 


Taste testing food for World Culture Day

Art work to represent the Netherlands.

Making Windmills.

Investigating light and materials that reflect. 


On Tuesday 30th November we wore Christmas jumpers and elf hats and shared Christmas dinner together.

We took part in an Elf Fun Run to raise money for Bolton Hospice:


On Friday 3rd December it was author afternoon.

In years 3 and 4 we mixed into 4 groups and visited each teacher to learn about a different author. 

With Mrs Johnson we shared the story The Mega Magic Hair Swap by Rochelle Humes. 

We learned that everyone is different and everyone is special. 

We paid compliments to our partners and received lots of compliments.

Then we looked at ourselves in a mirror and told ourselves nice things:


On Monday 13th December it was our Christmas party day. We had a wonderful day.


We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film:


We played pass the parcel:


We played musical chairs:


We played musical bumps, musical statues and had a dancing competition: 


Here you will find curriculum letters, spellings and other relevant information for Autumn, Spring and Summer 1 Terms:


Summer 1 2022:

Summer 1 spellings: 

Year 3 Spellings Summer 1


Summer 1 Creative Challenge: 

Year 3 Creative Challenge UTC Summer 1 2022


Spring 2022:

Spring Curriculum letter:

Year 3 Curriculum letter Spring term 2022


Spring term spellings:

year 3 spellings spring 2 2022

Year 3 Spellings Spring term 1 2022


Spring term creative challenges:

year 3 spring 1 creative challenge homework

Year 3 May the Force Be With You Creative Challenge 2021


Autumn 2021

Autumn Curriculum letter:

year 3 curriculum letter


Autumn term spellings:

Year 3 spellings Autumn 2 2022

Year 3 spellings Autumn 1 2022


Autumn term creative challenges:

Year 3 World of Difference Creative Challenge 2021

Year 3 Law and Order Creative Challenge 2021

Y3 Curriculum.


Our creative curriculum is driven by the 4Cs of communication, conflict, conservation and culture which meets the needs of our diverse school community.  It is designed to inspire an enthusiasm for learning, engaging with and learning about challenging 21st century issues, dealing with tomorrow’s issues today. 


Y3 are Adventurers. 

We have put together some useful websites that will help support your learning.


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