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Please remember to bring in your P.E. kits on Tuesday and ThursdaysSpelling books are to be returned on Thursdays please so that we can provide the new spellings for the following week. We will also add them as an attachment to this page, just in case, you might need them. Reading books and records are to return to and from school daily and reading books will be changed after 5 reads!. Please try to sign these when your child reads at home so that we can reward them for their hard work. 


Please also be aware of when your child is going to Forest School. Appropriate wear must be brought in every Wednesday of the half term your child is chosen to go. 


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curriculum letter summer

y1O summer 2 spellings




Friday 1st July - SPORTS DAY!

Week of 4th July - Ocean Week

Wednesday 6th July Mindfulness Day

Thursday 14th Artist James Naughton is in.

Wednesday 20th July - year 6 leaving assembly 

Friday 22nd July - Last day of school

This Terms Curriculum for Theme

Summer 2:Our theme this half term is 'The Famous Five.' “The Famous Five” is a thematic unit based around famous people and events, with a history focus. Pupils will look at the significant contributions made by individuals in the past and events that have led to change for the future. The suggested five are:- The Great Fire of London / Samuel Pepys, Neil Armstrong / The First Moon Landing and Christopher Columbus. The class are free to choose other people or events that have had a significant impact within history.

Summer 1: Our theme this half term is 'Light Up the World.' Light Up the World is a thematic unit based around the sun and other sources of light, with a science focus. Pupils will look at solar power and how to save electricity, as well as learning about sun safety and the importance of protecting both the skin and eyes. They will also learn about how shadows are formed when solid objects block light. Nocturnal animals will also be introduced in this unit.

Please see our Curriculum letter above for more information.



What an amazing day out. The students and staff had an amazing day visiting all the animals and feeding them. We all had turns petting and feeding different animals. We also found out a lot about different farm animals eg what they are called and what their babies are called, how big they grow and we even found out how milk is taken from the cows. We all had a blast of a time! 

Imagine That Trip 

we went on a trip to Imagine That where we played and learnt all about science. We used all our senses and learnt all about light and dark. We had great fun making snow, and creating our own magnets. 

Forest School

We started our learning in Forest school this week. We loved being outside and learning in a different way. We can't wait for more learning in the Forest school. 

This week used used tools, we were fantastic at sawing.

MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm toasted marshmallows.

This week we turned our wooden disks into necklaces. We were brilliant using the tools. 

We whittled and tree painted in Forest school this week. 


Easter Cards 

Our class had so much fun creating our own Easter cards. We used different materials and wrote our own little message inside. Look at how well they turned out!

Fairy Tales 

After learning about the death and resurrection of Jesus. We have also been discussing how this story links to new beginnings.

 We all decided to work together and make our own Easter Gardens. We used cardboard for our hill and covered it with soil. We all got a turn to put some soil on and some of us sprinkles some grass seeds. We then used sticks to make a cross and placed it on top of our hill and added some rocks for decoration. We will water our garden and watch as the grass grows and gives us hope for our new beginning.

Fairy bags

What a great day! 

We designed, stitched and decorated our very own fairy bags. We chose our own shape, colours and decoration for our magical bags then we stitched our material together to make our own bags. We worked really hard and had so much fun and it really payed off. Just look at how cool our bags are!

History Day 

British Values Day



We read the "Barnabus Project" and created great work around this book! We dressed up as an animal and had great fun through out the day.


Spring Term 1

We have been taking part in so many activities so far. We have looked at different fruit, discussed what is healthy and what is not. We also talked about where it comes from and where it grows (underground or on a tree). We used our creative art skills to sketch our fruit. 

We have also been looking at our world map. We know the 7 continents and the 5 oceans. We can also point out where England, Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland is on a map. We can also match them to their flags. We have also talked about their capital cities and used the Ipads to show our understanding through another matching game.

We have discussed the word Algorithm and we understand that it means instructions. We have been making our own algorithms for the bee-bots. We made the bee-bots move by pushing the buttons on his back and trying to get him to a place on the map. We also tried making shapes with the bee-bots.

In maths we are on our second book, we are learning how to count on from a random number up to 50. We are also learning how to add and takeaway big numbers like 13 by taking away the 1s first then the 10. Others have been focusing on our numbers too 10. 

In English we are writing more and more adjectives and are using our sounds. We are writing neatly and are even trying to add question marks and exclamation marks. 

Through PE, we have a day with commando Joe and a day for dancing. We are dancing to the season. 


Values Day 

on values day we wore our own pink clothes because the value we focused on was LOVE. We talked about how we show love through kindness. We each wrote out how we are kind and typed it on the computer. We made the writing beautiful and the size of writing to what we wanted. We printed our work of and stuck it on a leaf. The leaf is now on a real tree in our classroom on display. 



We loved our first session with Commando Joe, we can't wait for next week 

We have been having so much fun in year 1 this term! 


This video is all about how you can help your child read at home. 

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