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Class Teachers - Mrs Phillips and Mrs Robson 

                                                        Teaching Assistants - Mrs Natha and Mrs Naylor 


Hello lovely Squirrels.  If you have any exciting news to share please let us know.  We will then support your child in talking and sharing this with their friends in class. 


Just a couple of reminders for parents/carers, now the weather is improving please apply sun screen on sunny days as we will always play outside.  Also can your child wear a waterproof coat and don't forget to bring them a pair of welly boots to keep at Nursery to wear outdoors when it is rainy. Thank you. 

Literacy - summer 2 nursery

Curriculum - Nursery summer 2



In Nursery we have been working so hard on our communication skills, including our listening! We have been playing ring games, completing listening activities, enjoying stories and poems, and singing lots of nursery rhymes. All of this is helping to develop our ability to listen, concentrate and focus our attention. All of these are complex skills and the children are working so hard to improve them.

You can help your child at home by reading and following the '5 Golden Rules of Communication'. 

5 Golden Rules for Communication

Starting Nursery

We are having lots of fun learning through play.

We are exploring together and making friends 

We  are exploring our nursery provision both inside and out whilst making relationships with other children and the Nursery team.


Our First Trip to the Forest School 

We have visited our school forest this week and have used our senses to explore the natural resources that are there.  We found leaves, twigs and trees which we named and talked about their colour and how they felt. We played in the mud kitchen making mud pies and had our snack sat together round the empty fire pit.  Finally, we received a letter from a teddy who was lost in the forest and all had to search to find him.


Playing in our giant sandpit.

We had a lovely day, the sun was shining and we visited the sandpit with our friends.  We filled and emptied the buckets making sandcastles.

Exploring pumpkins

We have been exploring the properties of pumpkins using all of our senses.  Here we are seeing which are the heaviest and lightest and trying some pumpkin soup!

Celebrating bonfire night 

We have been creating firework  pictures using pastels, painting splatter pictures, making glittery stars from playdough and learning about the role of our fire-fighters .  We have also been singing together and acting out 'Five Little Fire-fighters' and using our fingers to count.

Our fireworks and rockets!

We have been learning about keeping safe on bonfire night, making rockets and learning to count backwards and doing firework dances with pompoms.   To help develop our listening skills we have been listening to the firework sounds that rice krispies make when the milk is added - snap, crackle and pop!  Finally, we have been talking about light and dark and turning our lights and torches oo on and oo off.  



Celebrating Diwali

This week we have been learning about Diwali and how Hindus celebrate at home and in the temple.  We have made diva lamps, built Hindu temples, created simple rangoli patterns, learnt to do a Hindu dance and drawn mehndi patterns on hand outlines.






Celebrating Children in Need

For 'Children in Need' the Nursery dressed up in fancy dress clothes.  We decorated cupcakes and cookies to make them look like Pudsey and his bandana.  We had bunting and did some special activities.  At the end of the day we watched Pudsey dancing with a dog that did tricks.  It was lots of fun!

     Celebrating birthdays in Nursery 

We have been talking about how we celebrate birthdays, having parties in the home corner, making birthday cards and playdough birthday cakes and creating a birthday display board where we can see who is 3 and who is 4.  We have also enjoyed lots of stories about people having birthdays.


Celebrating Kwame's 4th birthday 

Kwame is a toy monkey who often comes to visit us at Nursery.  When he was about to have his 4th birthday we asked the children to plan his party and help to get ready to celebrate with him.  We had a busy week making cards, wrapping presents and learning to play party games.  On the Friday we had a great party with a big birthday cake and we all sung  the 'Happy Birthday' song to him.

Christmas at Nursery 

This week we have been listening to and discussing some lovely Christmas books, learning all about the very special Nativity story, making Christmas cards to send home, creating Christmas crackers and decorating our classroom to look cheerful and festive.  We have been very busy!

Our visit from the reindeers

The reindeers came to visit us at Nursery.  We enjoyed watching them eating the hay, taking turns to stroke their coats and learning more about them.

Our Christmas Party

Look who came to visit us!

Winter Wonderland 

The children explored a snowy playground.  We brought some ice inside and watched what happened when it became warm.  After this we used different techniques to make a display of us all enjoying the snow.

Brushing our teeth at Nursery 

We have been learning about cleaning our teeth, we have practised brushing using corn on the cobs with our friends.  Also in the classroom we have played with the puppets and brushed their teeth too.  At the playdough table we have made the crocodile some teeth using white dough.



Our Values Day at Nursery 

Today, we celebrated 'Values Day' at Nursery.  Our value was 'love' and as a link to this we all wore something red, listened to stories about people we love, talked about special people in our lives and made a special red heart to give to someone we love at home.  


We have been talking about caring for one another and the world around us.  We also need to look after ourselves, we thought about love and peace.  Here we are in our reflection area enjoying the gifts we were given to share together, we counted our roses and our candles.


Celebrating Chinese New Year at Nursery 

This week we have been making Chinese dragons and talking about how different people celebrate Chinese New Year.  We have played with cooked noodles and have used chopsticks to pick them up!  It was very tricky!  In the Writing Area we have had a go at doing some Chinese writing and finally,  we have all used our dragons to dance with to traditional Chinese music.  It was great fun!


This week we have been learning to ride on balance bikes with the team from Bikeability.  We have all improved our balancing, steering and scooting skills.  It has been challenging and physically hard work but we've had a lot of fun!

Nursery Reward 

We have been winning treasure to put in our treasure box.  We do this by helping our friends and working together as a team.  When the treasure box is full we get a reward, here we are having a popcorn party.  There were even some m-m-m-maltesers that we found hidden in our popcorn, what a nice surprise!

Pancake Day

This week we have celebrated 'Shrove Tuesday' by making pancakes with a range of different toppings.  We  also talked about the initial sounds of the words  p-p-pancakes, s-s-s-strawberries and s-s-syrup.  As a group we talked about the change that had occurred to the pancakes when they went from the fridge to the microwave by using our hands to feel the difference.  

The Farm 

We have been learning all about the animals that live on the farm.  We have listened to lots of stories with farm animals in and made the different sounds they make. We have painted sheep and made them woolly by adding cotton wool, explored vegetables that grow on farms, counted animals and looked at the corresponding numerals.  Finally, we have played in a beautiful farm with animals in fields made up of different cereals.  This has been a very sensory experience and has  encouraged us to talk about how things feel and look.   


World Book Day at Nursery 

Today we celebrated World Book Day.  We dressed up as animals and shared the story 'Pig gets stuck!'  We found a chicken on every page!  Outside we painted pigs on the painting wall and later celebrated with a pink pig cake.  In our creative area we made potato characters and some of us had made them at home too.    Saham won a prize in the whole school competition.  Well done Saham.

Support Ukraine 

We dressed in yellow and blue to show our support for Ukraine.  We also put our own special, sparkly heart on the Ukraine flag and prayed for all the people in the war.  We printed the flags colours using circles.

Our Nursery Chickens 

The nursery chickens are now 3 years old and they came back to visit us.  We all stroked them and heard their life story. We gave them rice krispies to eat and Queenie the chicken even laid an egg! 


Celebrating British Values 

We have celebrated British Values together by wearing the colours of the Union Jack - red, white and blue.  In the library today we voted for which story we wanted to listen to and then came back to our classroom to talk about the people we love and what we enjoy doing together with them.  We decorated  biscuits to give to our special person and finished our celebration by taking turns whilst playing ring games.  

Red Nose Day 

On red nose day we all dressed up and wore red noses. We raised lots of money and had so much fun!


Science Day 

It was science day as well.  We looked at how much noise a flat piece of card made and compared it with a folded piece.  Wow how much noise!  We danced and beat our fans together.

Mother's Day 

The children have all created a special jewelled pot to plant a beautiful  pansy in.   We have talked about what the flowers need to grow to be strong and healthy.  We have reminded the children to keep their gift a surprise for mum on Sunday.  Shhh!

Easter Celebrations 

We have all been learning about Easter and about the different animals that come out of eggs including dinosaurs!  We all sang 'Humpty Dumpty' together and drew pictures of our own Humpty Dumpty.  Everyone made a chick Easter card to take home and enjoyed an Easter egg hunt  together on the last day of term.    We decorated eggs and had an Easter egg raffle and Easter bonnet competition.  We had lots of fun!

Our Springtime Walk in the Forest 

We visited the forest this week and became detectives hunting for signs of spring.  When we found something interesting the children used the i-pad to take photographs of all the different things that we had discovered.  Afterwards we explored the forest together with our friends.  

Our minibeast hunt!

This week we have all been searching in our nursery garden for minibeast. We looked together and then used our classification sheet to correctly name all of the minibeast that we had found. We talked about how they looked, how they moved and what they liked to eat.  Throughout the week we studied spiders, slugs, beetles, woodlice, snails and miliipedes. The children found it fascinating! Why not have a look outside with your child and see what minibeast you can find at home.

Celebrating Eid in our Nursery 

Our Eid celebrations involved making Eid cards to take home,  creating Rangoli patterns using 2d shapes, building Mosques using 3d blocks,  cooking playdough chapatis in the home corner and having a party with food and games!  We had lots of fun!


Mrs Sharples' leaving day 

The morning children went to a special assembly to say goodbye to Mrs Sharples.  They all sat beautifully as the rest of the school made speeches, and gave her cards and presents.  The morning and the afternoon children made her a special card and in the afternoon Tamara visited her in her office to present it. 

Learning about road safety at Nursery 

This week Mrs Tinker from the Road Safety Unit visited us in school and talked about how to keep ourselves safe crossing the roads when we are out and about with our family.  We learnt that we must always hold our grown ups hand and use the lollipop person to stop the traffic when they are available.   Afterwards we role-played crossing the road safely and took it in turns to be the lollipop person.  It was great fun!


Chris from Zoolab visited us yesterday and brought with him a collection of different creatures for the children to observe and touch,  or if they were really brave to hold!  He told us lots of interesting facts about them including where they live, what they eat, how they move and how big they will grow.  The children listened very well and answered lots of questions.  Everyone was gentle and kind to the creatures.  They were stars!

The Seaside 

We have been learning all about the seaside with a focus on finding out about the creatures that live in the ocean.  Each week we have visited the large whole school sandpit and pretended that we were at the beach and we have listened to and enjoyed many  'fishy'  tales together at story time.  At the end of this month we will be visiting the aquarium in town to see sea creatures up close with the Nursery team and our parents/carers.  It will be amazing!


 You're my cup of tea!

We made something special for someone who helps us at home, some of us gave it to our daddies, grandads, uncles or aunties.  

Transient Art 

We have all really got creative this week using a wide range of different natural materials to make beautiful temporary pictures with.  Everyone's work has been unique and we have all used the camera on our class i-pad to record our masterpieces!  Here is a selection:


Hunting for treasure!

Dossie and Kwame came to Nursery today and set us a challenge.  They asked us to work together in the forest to find 9 pieces of treasure.  We worked as a team to find 9 different and interesting things.  As a group we then took turns to explore what we had found, naming the objects, and using lots of language to describe the colour, texture, size and weight of each of our interesting things.  

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